Things You Have to Know Prior to Travel to Thailand

Over the past six years, I have travelling around the world. Among many tourist attractions at home and abroad, I like and visit Thailand for many times. It’s also known as the Land of Smiles over and over. Up to now, there have been over 40 stamps in my passport. I also would like to step down the land in the next few years. For those people who would like to travel in Thailand or already have a plan to the country, I provide all my experiences to all, so that many people could benefit from it. Almost all aspects of life staying in Thailand have been included into the blog, from things to do, food, accommodation options, itineries, weather, clothes and sun-protection measures.

Daily Essentials You Need When Visiting Thailand

In case you have no ideas on what to carry on to Thailand, the packing list would be useful to you. At first, all carry-on objects are divided in several categories, including clothes, toiletries, electronics, essential drugs, passports, etc.

The weather is changeable, so we need to make more preparations. What you should wear depends on the specific season you travel to Thailand. Perhaps you will need a jumper, swim wear, rain jacket, bucket hat, decent shoes and sandals. The weather of Thailand is hot and humid, because of its tropical climate. This is fundamentally counts for tourists from Southeast countries. The above packing list is also suitable for Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, most warm clothes carried on with me are useless in Thailand. Cotton and linen fabrics work better than polyester and wool.

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Some people may be puzzled about what is the best time? Is it necessary to avoid the rainy season? The rainy season is from July till the end of October. It doesn’t mean rainy season an absolutely no-go. Although there are heavy rains in the rainy season, its lasting time is short. In case you would like the best Instagram photos, sunny season is your best choice.

Weather Conditions in Thailand

For the sake of breeze or the ocean, one could keep cool all the time. Most people love a tropical climate, which is also critical reason to travel to Thailand. Even in the dry season, rain comes unexpectedly, therefore carrying light rain jackets in backpack is necessary.

Travel Adapter for Thailand

Thailand was the first place where I discovered multi-functional electric sockets. Almost all high-calibre places provide versatile adapters, so that all electric devices could work normally.

Vaccinations for Thailand

In my all tours to Thailand, I have never injected some special vaccines. As long as you have injected some standard childhood diseases like Tetanus, Diphtheria and Measles. I also got shots against Hepatitis A+B, but it was not for Thailand specifically.

Safety Problems

Thailand is absolutely safe for all tourists! Some may not know that army officials are in power in Thailand. But it doesn’t matter for tourists. As we all know the significance of safety, so Thailand’s government have done their utmost to safeguard the peaceful environment.

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Chiang Mai

Although Thailand’s second largest city and northern Thailand’s economic center, Chiang Mai and bustling Bangkok are quite different. Here quiet sweet, is Deng Lijun’s favorite city. As the capital of the Kingdom of Lana, Chiang Mai exudes an enchanting classical temperament. The climate is cool, the four seasons flowers are brilliant, is Southeast Asia famous summer resort, is called “the north Thailand rose”.

Chiang Mai City is full of antique temple halls, white walls, red roof, golden eaves in the sun, the unique shape of the north Thailand style pagoda magnificent and unique. The monks in the temple are as gracious and friendly as the local residents, and are happy to discuss all questions about Buddhism and the history and culture of Chiang Mai with visitors.

Chiang Mai is a cultural city with a long history. But it was not until 1296 that King Mengrai of the Rana dynasty became the capital of Thailand and became the economic, cultural and religious center of northern Thailand at that time, and many temples were built to build Buddhist statues and moats to defend against the invasion of the Burmese army.

Chiang Mai was captured by Burmese troops in 1556, and the Burmese seized Chiang Mai until 1775 when King Taksin drove the Burmese troops back to the Thai-Myanmar border and Chiang Mai was retaken. Due to the Burmese army’s occupation of Chiang Mai for a long time, Myanmar’s culture, religion, architecture, language and cooking have a great impact on Chiang Mai.

In addition to its strategic location, Chiang Mai is adjacent to a branch of the ancient Silk Road in the south. Goods from China and Myanmar will be transported to Siam Bay through this trade route. The valley is wide, fertile, and rich in grain, so the Lana Kingdom was once at the heart of its politics and economy.

Between the early 18th and 19th centuries, a local monarch named “chao” nominally ruled the city. Chiang Mai was not ruled by the Siamese dynasty of Bangkok at that time, Chulalongkorn (King Ramah V) took control of Chiang Mai when he became king in 1874. Chiang Mai became part of the Kingdom of Thailand in 1939 and became the administrative center of northern Thailand.1996 Chiang Mai held the 700th anniversary of the city and celebration activities. The influx of foreign tourists in recent years is because Chiang Mai is a Thai arts and crafts center, where hand-made umbrellas, silverware and wood carvings are well-known at home and abroad.

What kind of clothing you choose to travel to Thailand depends mainly on the season and itinerary. Shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, sandals are the most practical. There are places in Thailand where dress requirements are high and people who dress too casually, especially temples or fancy hotels, are not allowed in. Loose light, good permeability, dry clothes is the best choice for rainy season travel. It is also recommended that rain drapes or umbrellas should be prepared on a regular basis. Streets can easily be flooded in the rainy season, so temples and some offices will ask you to go in after slippers, so slippers are very practical.

In addition, a sun cap is a necessary throughout the year, rain and sunny dual-purpose is the best. During the cool season, it’s a good idea to travel north, say, to Mae Hong Son or Chiang Rai, to bring a long-sleeved T-shirt or jacket. Because the cold season of northern Thailand in the morning and evening will be colder.

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Beautiful and charming tropical scenery, extensive Buddhist culture, unique folk customs, the fatal attraction of Bangkok is the superposition of the above three, coupled with the perfect integration of eastern and western cultures, and the interlacing of ancient and modern time and space. Let you slowly experience exquisite and real Thai life.
The monk in the yellow cassock is an enduring scene along the street in the dawn of dawn. The towering large buildings emphasize the city’s wonders and transcendence of time and space, portraying the special flavor of Bangkok. Bangkok’s dazzling splendor makes it hard for travelers not to fall in love with it.

Bangkok is a land of ancient cultural buildings, traditional water bazaars, new shopping paradise and natural animal park. The Mekong River crosses the city and divides Bangkok into two parts, east and west. Grand Palace, Dawn Temple, Wat Pho, Kaoshan Road and other famous scenic spots are located on both sides of the river. The Grand Palace and Siamese Central Merchants are the main scenic spots in Bangkok, showing Bangkok’s ancient religious history and culture and modern fashion hotspots these two distinct levels. The two sides of the Mekong River are lined with national art galleries, national museums, Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace and other cultural attractions, across the river from Zheng Wang Temple. Kaoshan Road, the favorite backpacker, and the famous Chinatown are also not far from here.

Siamese and Shilong Business Center in the center of the city is Bangkok’s modern shopping district. In addition to many shopping malls, food squares and cinemas, there are also the four facets of the Buddha and the colorful Siamese Sea World. Traditional water bazaars and weekend bazaars, located in the south and north of the city centre, are cheap, but require enough time and energy to play selectively. There are also places worth visiting in or around Bangkok. If you have plenty of time to feel the natural animal landscape of Southeast Asia, go to the wildlife park in northeast Bangkok or the Avocado Lake Zoo farther from downtown.

Bangkok used to be a fishing village, and when the dynasty began to rise, Bangkok gradually formed small bazaars and settlements. In 1782, the Bangkok dynasty Ramah I moved the capital from Tungwuli, west of the Mekong River, to Bangkok, east of the river. Ramah I here built palaces, built walls, the Grand King’s Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple are the most outstanding of them. Bangkok, as Thailand’s political, economic and cultural center and a modern and traditional metropolis, is well-preserved. Here the Buddhist temple is full of temples, the architecture is exquisite and beautiful, with the golden palace, the jade Buddha temple, the Wat Pho, the golden Buddha temple full of magic legend, The magnificent Zheng Wang Temple is the most famous.

Bangkok, with the largest Buddhist temple in the world, has more than 400 Buddhist monasteries in size. Strolling through the city, towering pagodas, red-topped monasteries, red, green, yellow, Thai fish ridged roofs of temples, full of mysterious oriental color. Every morning, the city’s cigarettes curl, the bells long, the chime sound crisp and beautiful, the sound of chanting in the ear. Temple monks, nuns walking slowly in the streets, family-by-family, become a unique landscape of the streets of Bangkok.

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Wide and beautiful beach, pure white sand, green emerald sea water, as the Indian Ocean Andaman sea “pearl”, the island of Phuket impeccable. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s important that you come to the world village of Phuket, which makes Phuket one of the most representative island resorts in Southeast Asia.

Throughout the year on Phuket, people seem to be looking for a variety of reasons for revelry. Festivals and colorful nightlife are part of life. Take part in it, forget your identity and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of the island. So you can have a great time in Phuket, either alone or in company.

It’s full of beaches and bays, the famed Camara Beach, the private Sulin beach, the coral island where sea sports are often held, and the nightlife of Paton Beach. There are also mountains on the island, where visitors can explore by taxi and motorbike, dive and sail on yachts.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, with most tourists gathering on Paton Beach or Phuket, the two centers of Phuket. A victory in the island scenery, a victory in the ancient building, but because of the perfect service and the recognition and favor of tourists.

Phuket covers an area of 810 square kilometers, and its zigzag west coast is littered with Paton, Karen and Kata beaches. Karen Beach and Kata Beach are located in the southern part of Paton Beach, and the southernmost tip of the island is the promontory with a stunning sunset view. From Cape Punta to east you can reach Lavostok Beach, where you can rent a boat to a nearby island. Phuket, the capital, is a large port and commercial center in the southeastern part of the island. The three beaches on the northwest coast of Nayton, Nayenne, (Nai Yang), (Mai Khao), make up Sriel. In Nass National Park, turtles spawn here from late October to February of the following year.

The earliest native inhabitants of Phuket were a small group of tribes from Malaysia, who came to settle down on the island. The island’s rich natural resources, from aquatic products to forests, allow these minority tribes to live in peace. These people look for food in the most primitive way, protecting the environment and keeping themselves alive.

However, with the arrival of external miners, resources are being mined, especially a good deal of tin mining, the ecological environment has been destroyed, the original people have to migrate to other places, resulting in all immigrants. Today’s Phuket Island, with its unique beautiful environment, has become a “rare island at sea”, receiving tourists from all over the country every year. It is customary to call Phuket a village of the world, because here you can always see a fellow countryman with the same skin color and the same language as himself, an island that can accommodate the whole world with unexpected things that you can’t imagine. Whether it’s a personal tour or a team trip, it’s just Is a microcosm of the world.

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