Wide and beautiful beach, pure white sand, green emerald sea water, as the Indian Ocean Andaman sea “pearl”, the island of Phuket impeccable. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s important that you come to the world village of Phuket, which makes Phuket one of the most representative island resorts in Southeast Asia.

Throughout the year on Phuket, people seem to be looking for a variety of reasons for revelry. Festivals and colorful nightlife are part of life. Take part in it, forget your identity and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of the island. So you can have a great time in Phuket, either alone or in company.

It’s full of beaches and bays, the famed Camara Beach, the private Sulin beach, the coral island where sea sports are often held, and the nightlife of Paton Beach. There are also mountains on the island, where visitors can explore by taxi and motorbike, dive and sail on yachts.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, with most tourists gathering on Paton Beach or Phuket, the two centers of Phuket. A victory in the island scenery, a victory in the ancient building, but because of the perfect service and the recognition and favor of tourists.

Phuket covers an area of 810 square kilometers, and its zigzag west coast is littered with Paton, Karen and Kata beaches. Karen Beach and Kata Beach are located in the southern part of Paton Beach, and the southernmost tip of the island is the promontory with a stunning sunset view. From Cape Punta to east you can reach Lavostok Beach, where you can rent a boat to a nearby island. Phuket, the capital, is a large port and commercial center in the southeastern part of the island. The three beaches on the northwest coast of Nayton, Nayenne, (Nai Yang), (Mai Khao), make up Sriel. In Nass National Park, turtles spawn here from late October to February of the following year.

The earliest native inhabitants of Phuket were a small group of tribes from Malaysia, who came to settle down on the island. The island’s rich natural resources, from aquatic products to forests, allow these minority tribes to live in peace. These people look for food in the most primitive way, protecting the environment and keeping themselves alive.

However, with the arrival of external miners, resources are being mined, especially a good deal of tin mining, the ecological environment has been destroyed, the original people have to migrate to other places, resulting in all immigrants. Today’s Phuket Island, with its unique beautiful environment, has become a “rare island at sea”, receiving tourists from all over the country every year. It is customary to call Phuket a village of the world, because here you can always see a fellow countryman with the same skin color and the same language as himself, an island that can accommodate the whole world with unexpected things that you can’t imagine. Whether it’s a personal tour or a team trip, it’s just Is a microcosm of the world.

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