Things You Have to Know Prior to Travel to Thailand

Over the past six years, I have travelling around the world. Among many tourist attractions at home and abroad, I like and visit Thailand for many times. It’s also known as the Land of Smiles over and over. Up to now, there have been over 40 stamps in my passport. I also would like to step down the land in the next few years. For those people who would like to travel in Thailand or already have a plan to the country, I provide all my experiences to all, so that many people could benefit from it. Almost all aspects of life staying in Thailand have been included into the blog, from things to do, food, accommodation options, itineries, weather, clothes and sun-protection measures.

Daily Essentials You Need When Visiting Thailand

In case you have no ideas on what to carry on to Thailand, the packing list would be useful to you. At first, all carry-on objects are divided in several categories, including clothes, toiletries, electronics, essential drugs, passports, etc.

The weather is changeable, so we need to make more preparations. What you should wear depends on the specific season you travel to Thailand. Perhaps you will need a jumper, swim wear, rain jacket, bucket hat, decent shoes and sandals. The weather of Thailand is hot and humid, because of its tropical climate. This is fundamentally counts for tourists from Southeast countries. The above packing list is also suitable for Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, most warm clothes carried on with me are useless in Thailand. Cotton and linen fabrics work better than polyester and wool.

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Some people may be puzzled about what is the best time? Is it necessary to avoid the rainy season? The rainy season is from July till the end of October. It doesn’t mean rainy season an absolutely no-go. Although there are heavy rains in the rainy season, its lasting time is short. In case you would like the best Instagram photos, sunny season is your best choice.

Weather Conditions in Thailand

For the sake of breeze or the ocean, one could keep cool all the time. Most people love a tropical climate, which is also critical reason to travel to Thailand. Even in the dry season, rain comes unexpectedly, therefore carrying light rain jackets in backpack is necessary.

Travel Adapter for Thailand

Thailand was the first place where I discovered multi-functional electric sockets. Almost all high-calibre places provide versatile adapters, so that all electric devices could work normally.

Vaccinations for Thailand

In my all tours to Thailand, I have never injected some special vaccines. As long as you have injected some standard childhood diseases like Tetanus, Diphtheria and Measles. I also got shots against Hepatitis A+B, but it was not for Thailand specifically.

Safety Problems

Thailand is absolutely safe for all tourists! Some may not know that army officials are in power in Thailand. But it doesn’t matter for tourists. As we all know the significance of safety, so Thailand’s government have done their utmost to safeguard the peaceful environment.

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